21-Day Self Care Challenge March 1-21

Self Care List (see instructions & rules below)

  • Go for a walk
  • Attend a yoga class
  • Practice a restorative yoga pose or class
  • Make and drink a healthy smoothie (fruits, vegetables, greens – we’ll post recipes!)
  • Take a warm soaking bath
  • Get a Bemer session (make an appointment with Andrew)
  • Rinse off with cold water after a bath or shower
  • Eat a salad with at least 4 colors in it (red, yellow, orange, purple, green)
  • Sleep 8 hrs at night
  • Meditate
  • Hug a friend – 8 hugs a day keeps you happy
  • Dance to a song
  • Laugh for 2 minutes
  • Sit in the sun for 10 minutes (or in front of a SAD light)
  • Get a Thai Yoga Bodywork session
  • Try a Bemer laser treatment for your skin
  • Take a nap
  • Get a Reiki Session (make an appointment with Karen–25% off March 1-21)
  • Epsom salt bath
  • Ice bath
  • Sauna or steam room
  • Float Sanctuary tank (partner with Minnetonka) 7 & 494
  • Unplug for at least 2 hours
  • No sugar or alcohol
  • Gratitude journal
  • Meet a friend


  1. You must sign up on workshops to participate. $20 members/$25 nonmembers.
  2. Start on March 1, choose at least 3 things on the above list and do them.
  3. Follow the 21-Day Challenge Group on Good Vibrations Yoga Facebook page. You will be able to request membership to the page and we will add you. This is a private group for participants only.
  4. Your fee gets you 1) a Challenge t-shirt and 2) a chance to win a free spot in the Spa Day Retreat happening on March 23 from 1-4 pm (see workshops on Mind/Body) the fee for Spa Day is $100 unless you complete all of the requirements including attend 2 classes a week in the studio. (If there is more room, we’ll choose from those doing one class a week).
  5. To successfully complete the challenge: a. Attend at least 2 of our classes per week. b. Complete 3 Self Care activities every day and c) Check in at the studio least once per week. (Attending a yoga class 1-2 days a week will give you a chance to win a spot in Spa Day or 50% off our next one if the first one fills up.)