How to Focus in a Distracted World…

I have been finding it hard to focus lately so I am setting an intention to write about and change it the best I can. The most troubling thing about this distracted way of being is that I am feeling more and more separated from my friends. I do connect – on facebook, by email. But that doesn’t seem real anymore. There’s something very essential to our well-being about touch and being right there in front of someone. A hug, a face to face conversation, even a light touch on the shoulder is something that connects us in a way that a chat online will never touch. So now each day, I just stop whatever I am doing and pay attention to the present moment, my surroundings, the touch of my fingers on this keyboard. I bring myself present to my state of body and state of mind. I can get so distracted by my work on the computer that I forget to drink water. I love my work – I teach, but most of the rest of the time, I write, manage scheduling, manage my home and finances for my husband’s business and also have a personal life that mostly consists of my adult children and my grandchildren. Of course my husband is always there in the evenings and we often support each other in our distractions. We are both comfortable with silence and doing nothing or simply both listening or reading something while in the same room. (It’s lovely actually)…

One change I’m going to make – and already started – is to sit down and write a letter, and set up coffee dates with friends I rarely ever see anymore. I would love to have everyone over for dinner, even though between me, my husband and my friends, – we can’t seem to find a day or time that will work. I will keep trying though. We must try to stay connected to ourselves and each other.

It may not be for everybody, but I see that in our studio, there’s a group of yoga students that keeps growing in size and that the distinguishing gem there is that they really connect with each other. There’s something about working hard for 90 minutes, breathing in the same rhythm and sweating that brings people together. There’s a thing called brain entrainment and I think this happens in that yoga class (Ashtanga Primary Series). I’ve experienced it, even though I’m very introverted and in a group, I tend to try to hide in the background, unless I must be in the lead. I do like to be around that group. I like the feel of their shared experience and camaraderie. It makes me happy to see everyone talking to each other like they’re old friends even though some have just met. Yoga can do that.

We’re on the right track. My goal is to be less distracted and more connected and I’m very grateful I can create that in my own work. Managing a yoga studio is not for the faint of heart, and I am grateful I can do it with a business partner. I used to do it as a sole proprietor and it was a great training, but ultimately unsustainable. I’m also grateful my husband earns enough that I can do this work. It will take a couple of years for me to earn a living income from my work, and he is my champion for supporting me and this community. If you have read this far, now you know who makes it possible for me to do the work I do. Say thank you to Angus next time you see him. – Karen Kinnard

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