Restorative Yoga

Self Care

During a Minnesota summer we revel in the beautiful weather, we garden and do yard work, we bike, run, hike, golf–many activities that our bodies are not yet used to. All the while, we are also keeping up with our jobs, families, and everyday tasks. Summer is the perfect time to consider adding a relaxing self-care routine into your schedule. Give yourself time to recharge your batteries–it only takes an hour; or even better, dedicate two or three hours in your week for Restorative Yoga classes.


While you relax, your body has a chance to heal what needs to be healed; you balance the activity of the day, your physical and mental vital energy is recharged, you learn to listen to and trust your body, and… inspiration arises. This is not just “adding another thing to your schedule”, it actually creates more time and energy for you to enjoy your other life activities!  

Restorative Classes and Mini-Retreats

The benefits of practicing Restorative Yoga are many! A restorative yoga practice:

  • relieves pain and anxiety
  • restores your body’s energy
  • helps with adrenal fatigue (or other chronic illnesses that are due to a chronic lack of energy and stress)
  • restores mental balance

Our Restorative Classes & Retreats

12:45-1:45 pm  Yin Yoga w/Holly Slocum
6:30-7:45 pm    Restorative Yoga + Thai Yoga Bodywork w/Jamie Reinbold

Tuesdays & Thursdays
12:45-1:45  Yin Yoga w/Holly Slocum

Your Yoga Community…
At the end of a class, take your time when you get up and put away your props.  While your yoga practice is like a solo flight, you’re in a class with a group of others–your squadron; this is the special uniqueness of practicing in a dedicated yoga studio. Feeling part of a community is an essential need of for all of us. In fact, a recent publication of Blue Cross Blue Shield reports that loneliness is on the increase and is a source of the rising cases of clinical depression and anxiety. Minnesota is one of the states most affected by it. Here’s an article on this by Dr. Mercola. 

Two-Hour Restorative “Mini Retreats”

Monthly  (Friday)
Petite Retreat + Essential Oils
w/Laura Erdman-Luntz
7 – 9 pm

Ready for a little R & R for yourself? We all need it–regularly. Time to simply stop and incorporate a little self-care and let go of the stress and tension from our body and mind. You’ll also experience the benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils, letting the oils do their magic on your muscles and your mind and spirit as you drift into a deeper state of relaxation. And at the perfect time–Friday night. Come to let go of your week and step into your weekend with renewed energy and balance.
This class is open to all students, all levels.


Scheduled by appointment – Get a group together, email us then we’ll set your date…
Breath | Balance | Brilliance Retreat Restorative/Yin • Essential Oils • Chakra Meditation • Thai Yoga Bodywork
with Ellen Sundell-Madden, Jamie Reinbold, Julina Collette
2 Hours – Prices are in the photos below, scroll down

Imagine being courageous, confident, free, empowered, balanced, able to trust and express yourself fully–truly inspired and determined to grow spiritually and make a difference in this world… You are ready, and the Chakras can be your gateway to heal, balance & transform your life!

Join us for this “mini-retreat” designed to relax your body and focus your mind. In this unique restorative yoga & Thai bodywork practice, we will learn how to balance the chakras, which support our inner wisdom and can truly heal the soul. Our tools will be breath (or prana), Yin & Thai yoga (asana), meditation (dhyana), self-reflection (svadhyaya)–enhanced by aromatherapy.


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